Glass Dice are some dice rendered with indigo, hope you like it!

When did u start getting into Indigo Photoguy! :eek:

umm, like two weeks ago…why? is it good?

It looks good,
but I dont think the nirror works as a plane,
at least not a perfect mirror, tone it down a bunch

looks good.

that looks good

Shouln’t you put this in your dice challenge two? :). I’ve just made a dice scene because of your challenge, and I will post it there in a sec, when the render is done.

And I think your dice scene looks cool, but the dices isn’t much “realistic” as you point out in your challenge that they have to. Anyway, post this in your challenge two (or if you got an other dice scene for that purpose, post that).

I just wasn’t expecting you to be jumping into Indigo so soon with such a nice render thats all. I’ve seen all your previous works but this is a cut above the rest. Render engine plays a part and I still don’t know what it is, ‘speaker boxes’ maybe? Dice you say? I totally agree with Salvadore about the 1000000 exponent mirror but i think indigo loves u.
I think you have found your match. :slight_smile:

I’d agree with Salvadore - tone down the mirror just a little bit. But it’s a fantastic image anyway.

Nice that you got Indigo working so nicely for you right off the bat…I’ve yet to get a successful render out of Indigo.

It looks less like glass than like a wire frame. What’s your IOR?