Glass fail

Hello Guys

At the moment i’m struggling with a Problem that maby others of you know too…
I tried to make a glass font to add it into a Video that the lights of the Video are visible through the font… Anyway everytime i want to export the image i just get a black Screen… i only have the font and no background…
When i go to Scene->tick on Environment the text is visible but with a Grey background

What can i do that I can see the text on my Video in Adobe after effect and that it’s looking like glass?

If you have nothing to reflect, glass isn’t going to show up really, it is very much a product of it’s environment. If you add a world environment but set film->transparent you should get a nice glass with a suitable alpha channel on the render.

Hey i tried it but the Problem now is that it’s transparent but not “glass-glossy” you know what i mean? That it looks realistic, now it just looks like i simply added a font and made it transparent. I can show you an example what i mean…

I just get it like this this is just what i wanted to do but with other font background and everything diffrent.


Try rendering the textless video out in After Effects and then using it as a background in your Blender project with the glass text in front of it? Add some emission planes around the text to create the gloss highlights and you should get something similar to the Disney image.

Hey i allready tried this but somehow i just can’t use the video as background, i can’t explain myself why, can you help me, with that? I mean could you do it for me or would that cost sonething?

I don’t have access to my Blender pc at the moment. You could try asking in the Voluntary Work thread.