Glass final render is so diferent from renderview!

Hi, thanks for always supporting me and being awesome.
Now im trying some Glass shader using Cycles , is the default one, but the final render looks nowhere as nice as the render viewport…now i know there will never be 100% accuracy between the two , but the overexpossure is jarring and changes the whole piece.
You will save my life if you help me.

I want to give you the file but even as im a couple of years old in this forum, it says im new and i cannot upload files.

Thanks again in advance.
This one is the viewport

This is the final render

Do you have anything disabled in viewport but not in rendered view? Lights, emissive objects etc.?

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It’s kinda hard to compare, you are showing an orthographic view in viewport and a perspective view in the render.

How does the camera view in the viewport look?


After this i checked and indeed…the view on the viewport and the camera were totaly diferent positions.
My bad.
Thanks a lot.

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