Glass has white little pixels on it?!

Hey guys.
I’m new to Blender and I was about to finish my first project. I wanted to make a glass with a tree in it and over the glass is pourring water. I don’t really know where my mistake is but now the glass the water and the plane on which everything is on got these weird white pixels on them. I’m not too sure if the material is wrong or the render settings so I’m just gonna post it here :D.

Thank you for ur help

Jaltech from Germany

See if you still have default value 10 in Render panel Sampling - Samples: Render/Preview. Increase to 100, 200 or more and check result.

Also, you can look under the ‘Light paths’ panel in the render settings, and check “No caustics”. That might do something for it too.

This actually made it better, thank you ! But now it has to render for a single picture like 5 minutes! is that normal? And how come these dots just appeared out of nowhere is it because i had too many objects in that scene?

From the render engine / pc point of view it is not so simple, this image. In order to get to the point where you can see this on screen pc needs to generate lines from camera to scene objects, correctly reflect/refract them from surfaces they meet and analyze what light gets projected to what pixel on the computer screen.
While it comes for free using unlimited amount of light rays in reality, in rendering you have to pay the price - time and electricity bill.
More you want more it costs.
Get nvidia CUDA supported videocard new enough and Cycles will be much faster for you.