Glass material with soft shadows (cycles)

Hello there, is that somehow possible to make one glass material without need to make separate render layers?

Image is showing how i want the glass to look like, yet the shadows, it casts, are too hard (same if it was purely diffuse shader). The pannel [x] with softer shadow is just mixed diffuse and transparent shader.

Here are correct shadows but, glass itself looks too much “diffusish” (mixed with panel’s X sahder by shadow ray light path)

And here is node tree

shadows are defined by the type & size of the light sources

Happy cl

Change Translucent node for Transparent, remove Blue Diffuse, give color to Volume…

buczech How did the changes suggested work out for you? I’m bothered by the same thing.

If you’re using a glass shader, the light that passes through it will be considered a refraction caustic. I’m willing to bet you’ve disabled caustics.