glass material

Im working on glass material (shader, lightings…), but Im really not satisfy. Anyone knows about some tutorial how to make it? Or blend file will be very helpfull. I need a really cool luxury render (it shouldnt be aboslutely realistic)
I like this picture:
and I really love this render
but I dont know how to do it in blender. Best for me render it in internal, It will be animation and Yafray takes much render time.

You can’t really have good looking scene AND short render time.

this is possible with the blender internal renderer, but other than the glass matieral itself, you need to focus on how to setup the lighting and the environment. Since glass is fully transparent and only reflects/refracts light, you’ll need to setup the environment so that there is something to reflect onto the glass(a glass within a pure color environment will be almost invisible). the above picture you mentioned is probably rendered inside a box with a bright opening, hence the squre glare on the glass.

material for the glass is relatively simple, for blender internal, transparency=0; raytraced transparency and reflection = on; IOR=1.5; fresnel for reflection and refraction=1.5-2.5, everything else can practically stay at default.

check the mat lib .blend file released to the public domain. I think the official name was Textures Disk 1, check BlenderNation. it has great glass that looks great rendered using internal renderer.