Glass + Reflection

I posted a similar query in Lighting thinking that it is a lighting issue. But it turns out that I need to fix a lot at the material level before I think about lighting.

I am trying to recreate this image from 2008 in Blender


I got somewhere close but lot more to achieve. My efforts so far



ev 2

These look nice in dark background. But in white background of file manager, Eevee outputs look very dark. Last 2 images are Eevee. I am using 2.82.

It would be nice to get as close as possible to the source file. Thanks.

I would try messing around with studio HDRIs and the IOR value of the glass material…

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Can you please tell me how to do it ? Thanks.

Try downloading a few from here and rotating them around

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I used World > Surface > Color > and loaded the .hdr file. I am not sure what it does, but the whole quality of glossiness improved. This is what I got from Eevee

HDRI Photostudio

Do you think I should try Cycles too ? Thanks.

Tried Cycles

This is the most satisfying result I could achieve. Cycles.

Folder Glass HDRI Cy small

There’s a setting in cycles in the same spot where you make the background transparent, where you can choose to also make the background through the glass transparent if that’s something you’re into :man_shrugging:

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Not sure what node setup you’re using for glass itself, but try playing around with IOR to get the sharp shape reflection. Currently it looks fuzzy - maybe the roughness is too high?

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This is what I have now. Roughness is currently set at 0.8

Shouldn’t the roughness be set to 0? The reference picture looks like it’s clear.

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I tried with roughness very close to zero. Like 0.01. Please see


Your reference pic definitely had a cleaner Hdri or a surface with that curved reflection. Its going to be tough to match exactly the way it is, because it could be anything…

So u can try to cheat your way out with assigning a color map to the glass with faded alpha like the reference pic. and remove the hdri because i see no reflection other than the clean white curved line u have…

^^ Note that this wouldnt obviously work well if its an animation.

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Unable to find colormap option to add faded alpha in shading. It would be nice to know where to find it

It is true that the original image very superior. Also, it was created in 2008. I hope to match it as close as possible so that I can make icons from it.

It was just an idea, not really properties in blender.

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reflection2.blend (770.1 KB)

Using a simple lamp can give u a slight reflection, similar to your reference

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A bit of GIMP was very helpful. I am happy with this one


It is true that Blender could have done it more easily. But I am still not that good with materials and nodes.

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