Glass render problems. URGENT!

I’m getting strange errors w/ rendering glass (receive trans. is on) and need to have this solved asap! Thanks.


Please be more specific about what in this render is bothering you (shadows? the funky refractions? the gray band across the bottom?). Without knowing as much, I’d say fiddle with the IOR value of your material, as well as the “Depth” value. And you may want to recalculate the mesh’s normals for good measure (edit mode, select all, ctrl+n).

The main problem is the black on the base of the glass. I don’t have any idea why that’s there and have messed with settings for a while.

Usual things are not enabling transparent shadows on all affected object (you say you have but check you have fo all) and your transparancy depth value isn’t high enout. Also check for any duplicated vertices or objects that shouldn’t be there.
Also attaching your blend to your post enable other users to find the problem much more easily, rather than just using informed guesswork.

check out if all normal all outward!

but a sample file would be easier to look at and help you


Here is .blend.


pac.blend (870 KB)

@Jo Jo Joy- I’m afraid I don’t know how to solve your problem, but is it okay if I download and use the .blend for one of my projects?

I’m sorry but I can’t let you use it. But I could model something for you.

It is the raytraced AO.
I don’t know why or if it is a bug, but the raytraced AO casts below your transparent bowl. It seems to ignore the transparency.
Also your bowl is floating above the “table”.

If you change to approxiamted, and disable “cast approximate” for the bowl material it works.

There are still some blackish artifacts. They get few if you apply the solidify modifier, and less if you actually put your bowl on the table.
The rest might disappear if you use an environmental texture, or increase the transparency depth.


1- change the bottom’s normal
they are downward

2- if you remove AO seems to work ok with normals flipped for bottom part !

i’ll check some more


i think AO does not work well yet with raytrace yet not debug in 2.57!

or you could use the 16 lamps approximate for AO instead equivalent!

so use approximate but i think you need to increase you AO value

i’ll test it somemore !

done with flipped normal and approximate AO
seems ok


Thank you soooooooo much!!!