Glass texture?

I am just not getting Glass texture. It’s wired. The shot glass I made should look transparent in the middle and dark rims around the edges. Look at my render image next to the real photo. Blender light don’t go though transparent material as well; one gets solid black shadow. What do I do to get it look like the photo?

The glass texture setting I used:
Material Tab; Color and Alpha of .5
Shaders Tab; Oren-Nayar .8, CookTorr Spec .8
Mirror Trans Tab; Ray Transp “on”, IOR 1.50, Fresnel 1, Fac 5


Enable transparent shadows for the glass material as well as the table. (“TraShadow” button on the shaders panel).
Also increase raydepth from 2 to 5 in the mirror transparency tab.
And for glass, isnt refractive index of 1.5 is a bit too high?? Usually it stays at around 1.4-1.44 for normal glasses.

I hope that helps. Otherwise you could try recalculating normals in the mesh.

can you upload the file
would be easier to look at all parameters

also show the mesh if you can
did you give it some tickness ?

it should work

now it might be a good idea to do it with yafaray too
should give even better results!

happy blendering

now it might be a good idea to do it with yafaray too

I am newbie so I need to find out what Blender can do or can not do. Here are few more experiments: One with two lens on document; the magnification effect takes place better when object is a closed volume. The right lens is open at the bottom. I made few more glass item; shot glass still look too clean, and for square bottle I used HDIR image to reflect on to it, but it’s still too clean! They all have this smoky reflective silvery surface on it.


it’s already quit good

now you can play may be a little with the mirror and trans parameters to change the look

like instead of fade to sky make it fade to mat that will remove the sky effet

also don’t forget for each mat there is an influcence form the sky light
you can reduce this with the shader panel Amb parameter

also play with the different diffuse and spec shader in F5

there are so many parameters you can play with

also another trick here is to have 3 lights and set one a little bronishn and another one a little bluish that can change the render quit a lot and gives some very good results too

after that try with yafaray that should give even higher quality like caustic for isntance
which yo cannot do in blender yet may be in 2.5!

let us know what happen wtih this

happy blendering

Another advice i would give is checking out yafaray.
I read the documentation today and experimented with various settings available and what they do. I felt that yafaray is much faster than blender and results are much more convincing too.
I have not explored the caustic settings but will post here when i experiment with them. I hope that will help.

I keep reading about Yafaray here in the forum concerning Blender no longer interface with it. Is Yafaray the way to go in the future? What caused Blender to drop Yafaray interface?

it’s the old yafray that is not supported anymore

the new one is yafaray!

that’s all

have fun

And before you start playing with yafaray, here is an advice…
do not undo more than 3-4 times if you have the yafaray script running and you are using subsurface modifier… blender crashed and one of my files just went corrupt because of this bug.

on yafaray forum you can find some good thread on glass beer and oranges
and wine ect…

also you can do caustic like this thread on prism

have fun with refraction