Glass Windows for Walkthrough


This is my first post on the forum and I am hooked to Blender since a month. I am new to the software as well as 3d modeling.

My objective is to make a walkthrough of an building (Using the walkthrough template on the I have got the hang of the basic mesh modeling, but am struggling with materials.

As my building progressed, I have from time to time imported it into the walkthrough template to see how it was building up. Had issues with objects either being dark or too much light on the faces. The issues of game showing different unrealistic shades and issue of shaded view/textured view, etc. I think the radiosity cal has sorted out those issues.

While going through all of the above, I have presumed that for the walkthrough, the rendereing part does not come into the picture. I make the model, assign material (Not that keen on textures) do the radiocity cal for lighting, import the walkthrough template, pack the run time to an executable file.

My present problem are round glass windows in the building walls, I think I have assigned the materials correctly because when I render it, I get the glass effect, but the same is absent in the textured view. And if I have presumed rightly, then, it would be the textured view that will go into the walk through and not the rendered view.

Further in textured view after doing the radosity calculation, at times I get plan black surface in place of the glass or totally transparent surface as the one in the attached image.

The first image is taken in rendered view, where the window is seen as the big round frosted glass. The second image is a zoomed in view of the same. The third is the image of the textured view after the radosity cal. The fourth image is from outside with the window appearing black (Same as the wall, under the 3d cursor)

The glass is made up of a circle and is just in one plane (does not have thickness). In this way I get one side a completely transparent and the other completely solid. When tried this after extruding the glass surface (Giving thickness), it appears solid in both the direction (this problem is in textured view only and not rendered view).

Have tried flipping normal. Don’t know whether I am wrong in presuming that its the textured view that will be packed in the walk through, or is the effect to be achieved by some other means.

The glass material is imported from available material and has pre-defined ray tracing (which I have manipulated) and is enabled for radosity rendering. Not comfortable with UV maps.

The black exterior wall is since it is yet to be provided for lights

Sorry for the long post. Would appreciate help