Glass/wireframe material??

does anybody have some pointers on how to setup a material that can be used to render IN BLENDER INTERNAL a model with a “wireframe” look?

im trying to setup a version of the MakeHuman splash screen with a different model.

You’ll need two materials. The first should be whatever diffuse color you want the wire lines to be. Set it Shadeless and set the type to Wire, then turn on Z-Transparency and change the Z Offset to something low (I’ve used 0.020 in my example). The second will be a regular surface material, but with Specularity set to 0. Give the scene a little Ambient Occlusion and either Environment Lighting or a few lamps depending on your preference, and you’re all set. wiredemo.blend (499 KB)

Your subject line mentions glass, but I’m not sure what you want there. Do you want a totally transparent wireframe instead, or a glass material with a wireframe, or is this demo what you’re looking for?