Glass within Glass

Howdy peeples!!

This is my first project in Blender. After having read numerous tutorials and the online blender documentation (can’t wait to get the 2.32 manual…yeeehhhaaaa) this is what has spurted from the creative depths of my imagination (pretty simple really).

I’ve tried using YafRay to render but to no avail, just haven’t had the time to play around with all the settings. (still learning about caustics and photons and radiosity and …)

Many of the lighting issues I was able to solve by spendig hours roaming these forums, any way have a look at the renders found at the the link below and let me know what you think


Welcome To elysiun!

Ifot 2 major crits. 1.)turn the IOR refraction way down glass doen’t bend light that much.
2.)Make it brighter… and a little more color variation couldn’t hurt…

I agree with Fonix Wircs, assuming that the box is supposed to be a glass box, rather than a solid block of glass (in which case you would end up with IOR somewhere around there), however then you have the difficulty of getting the wine glass inside of the solid block of glass. :wink:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the feed back Fonix Wircs, I take your comments more as suggestions than crits. Have lowered the IOR and it looks much better, with respects to the brightness and colour I take your point. Having said that I was focusing on lighting and glass interaction.


Set the IOR to 1.52 to get real glass. Congratulations with your decisioin to choose for blender :smiley: WELCOME!!!


great jorb!!..jorb…cough the glass looks kinda like a lamp