Just finished working on this glass! What do you think about it?


Looks pretty cool, how did you get the sharp edges to reflect like that?

Thanks for your comment! Here are the specs for the glass + a top view of it!


quite good! i think you should increase the hardness and Set Smooth

Thanks for the specs. :smiley: I have been trying to figure out proper glass settings for some weeks now. Tried out your settings with a bit higher IOR and it worked out very nicely.

Have you tried to make glass and liquid in yafray? I got terrible results for my liquid but the glass looked fine. Still gotta figure out what’s wrong with it.

By the way, is there a material repository or something like that for Blender somewhere?

BeBraw: I’ve just finished a project with liquid in a glass. You can see it in this forum under “Common sunflower”.

If you are getting solid-looking liquid you may need to up the Raydepth yafray render setting. I have mine set to 7.

If that isn’t it and you think my render looks like what you want, I can post the material settings here.

BeBraw: Good that the specs helped you out a bit! No, I haven´t tried yet yafray. I think that for now blenders internal renderer does a fine job and that yafray rendering is going to need a lot of testing until I can properly handle it.

Here is a nice detailed close-up of the glass!