Hi, I have been trying to perfect a glass material.
here is what I have so far:

Rendered in blender internal
I put a .HDR for the world background settings, is there a way to get it to not appear on the
(edit) I would like to get rid of the metal look too.
C&C greatly appreciated


Also my hdr map gets desaturated when put into blender.

Looks to me like some of your Normals may be pointing in the wrong direction. Select the whole glass and recalculate normals outside to be sure.

I would recommend increasing the alpha. Your cup isn’t see-thorugh enough.

i’d recommend setting ray-depth and ray-limit to give it the sense of thickness.

the alpha is on 0 so maby less relflection?
and ray depth?
and the normals are fine I tried recalculating and there not fliped

Okay, I reduced the reflection and put under the ray mirror and ray transp depth of 4 (didnt know which one) and I didnt see a ray limit.
I do not like the result but I think its more realistic.
should I be using yafray?


It does look better. As far as Yafray or YafARay, about the only thing you can do is render a scene with it and see which one you like best.

My own personal expierecne with Yafray is that the lighting and shadows are much more realistic, but the image is much grainer and it’s not easy to get rid of.

Have you tried using an unbias renderer like Indigo or Kerkythea? They are fantastic when it comes to rendering glass and you get caustics without any extra setup. Here’s a glass that I did…

the big balck airia just dosant look right. yafray produces mutch nicer results than bi espesaly with shadows. if you try indigo be shore you have 5 or more howers free as its incredably slow

try increasing the ray mirror depth, it looks like you may have it set on the default of 2.