Hello, while doing some research in order to design a proper nose for my current project, it crossed my mind that I needed practice, for it would be some time until I modeled the nose; hence, I modeled a simple pair of glasses, rendreed it… and the result was not completely realistic, it lacked something. I started thinking, and I realized the parts were wrong. So, I searched Wikipedia for Glasses, read a bit of info. about’em (at least the one relevant to cg), and completely re-made the glasses. The result was completely different; I couldn’t believe how much certain basic knowledge about what you’re modeling can change it’s results. Either way; here’s the (nice) glasses render:

Hope you like it!

With this model, I learnt how important proper knowledge of what one’s modeling is…

Greetings, Richard :slight_smile:

Looks good man :slight_smile: Just one thing, take a look at the attached picture and I think you get what I mean. I don’t say that I’m right but that’s just what I think. :yes: