GLB Export Settings

Hello guys, i have been running into problems with my glb files.I 've created some objects and then exported them to upload to an online viewer (sketchfab). The problem i am running into is when i change a texture and re-export and re-upload the new file, the textures i have changed remain the same. I can choose the new texture from the sketchfab 3d settings but i want to remove any information of previous textures because i wanna share these files and want them to have only the new textures. I have tried deleting the textures from the blender file and the exported files still have the old texture.

Thanks in advance

Try clearing your browser cache and reloading.

Try opening the GLB file here:

In the Inspect tab, do you see the unwanted previous textures in the list? If so, does the “INSTANCES” column show any references to the texture? Example: