glider/car ..something like that ;)

(kaktuswasse) #1

here is a new aehm… car or something like that:

I need some tips on :

texturing ( please tell me how to make chrome and how to make things
glow :)) )

modelling ( what details should i add? )

cya henrik

(shibbydude) #2

How to make chrome:

Find a picture that has a lot of contrast or has things like trees in it. Something light, hard to describe. I suppose as a test any picture would do but in the future find a picture of something you want it to reflect. Add a texture to the material you want to be chrome and make it an image. Select the image you want to use (bigger the picture the better the result) and then return to the materials buttons. Select [Refl] in the mapping area, and [Cmir] and [Csp] in the color area, unselect [Col]. Now adjust the [Col------------|] slider to a lower value (like .7). Do a render and tweak settings untill your chrome looks good. This will not give you accurate chrome but it is the best way to fake it in Blender.

Making things glow:

Add a vertex where you want a glow effect (add a plane and delete three vertices. To add more vertices ctr+click). Then assign it a new material. Select [halo], give the halo a nice color, set alpha to .5 to start, and render. Poof! You have a glow effect. Play around with the values a little bit because I wrote this in like 5 minutes - some of my examples may be wrong. If you have trouble with the chrome, ask theeth for help. If I remember correctly he had a very shiny sword in the past.

(blengine) #3

thats looking good… dont turn on cmir though shibby, that wont let light affect the texture…itll be flat shaded… well, i guess if u turn down the col real low light will affect the object…cmir bad =| use ADD or MIX with lower col

(shibbydude) #4

Yeah, granny is right. Cmir with a very low value, though will give you a very good chrome look. That is the way I would go cause I think you want a shiny chrome and not dull coloration. Your choice.


I said that I made some mistakes. Thanks for the correction, mix and add are good ideas.

(kaktuswasse) #5

updated it,same url:

now,i want to let the ring around the cockpit-glas glow. But it doesnt work
with halos because I need a glowing line …

cya henrik

(shibbydude) #6

Great! Now add some reflections to your cockpit. It would make the whole thing more believable. As for the glow from the cockpit all I can think of is adding some lights in a different layer and turning on [Layer]. Don’t know how this would work.

(kaktuswasse) #7

ok,will test it.Thank you for your help!!

(TurboG) #8

First of all…I assume you mean a glass cockpit? (like the ones on jets or whatever?)

well…I got a few ways way (one will make your render time HUGE!) that might work for glowing cockpit…one would be put a Sphere(or whatever shape it is gonna be) where you want it and lower alpha a bit and raise the add value and Emit…

another would be to make a semi transparent dome or whatever shape and move it to a second layer…apply lots of layer only lamps to layer 2 and render the 2 layers…

finnaly (the long render one) would be to create the cockpit (whatever shape) and then Subdivide it a lot! (press W chose subdivedie after selecting all the verticees) …make it so just the vertices are nearly solid…and then give them a halo material (this will be a huge render…and will make blender run very slow when in edit mode and stuff)…

I am probably wrong about what you were saying and nothing will work…Oh well…Hope it helps.

(kaktuswasse) #9

i dont mean the cockpit itself. I mean the “ring” aroung it.

(TurboG) #10

hmm…Sort of like a Circle drawn around the edges? Or that light blue part at the bottom?

(kaktuswasse) #11

its a sort of circle around the “edges” of the cockpit window

(TurboG) #12

Well…I can think of one way (you might not like as it would change alot)…Go to the the Display buttons…Find Edge Settings on the left and activate “EDGE”…than in the setting begin raising Eint…Try different amounts…this will add lines around the whole model however…

(kaktuswasse) #13

i dont think that would be good…

(basse) #14

hey… looking great!

what did you decide to use for glowing of the lights? they look really good!

chrome is good also, but you have a problem now… the cables, wires, tubes whatever you have going on there from the hood to the back… dont show up in reflection! if you want them, you have to use env.maps …

you can also try to see how it would look if they cast shadow… depends …


(kaktuswasse) #15

Thank you! For the chrome I used an Env-Map but the cables are showed at the wrong place :frowning: I dont know how to fix that. For the Orange lamps I
took the single-vertex-halo-method. But I want to get the ring around the
cockpit to glow to. But it does not work :frowning:

cu henrik

P.S.:I have to try that with the shadows!

(valarking) #16

for glowing, i think you turn up the Add value and turn on the Unified Renderer(?)