Glitch Baby

Final piece and some other renders for my AS art project.
theme I created was based around Glitch and Anatomy.
The skull was not created by me, it is a free mesh taken off of turbo squid, retopo’d, distorted to fit the baby head as opposed to an adults and then textured.

Looking at the quality of work here now I doubt I will get any replies! :wink:


i like them! the top left one is my favorite… the bottom one looks like he just got a bullet through his brain (also on that image i think you should smoothen out the distortion on the cheek and next to the eye to give some more contrast between smooth and sharp
nice work

Hey, I saw this on /3/. Cool stuff.

Thank you both, I think I will call it finished now, but thanks for the crit, I will bear it in mind.
haha major4z, I saw your cell shaded character on /3/ too! I was going to post in your thread and tell you earlier!