Glitching w/ Horizontal Panels

I downloaded 2.57 (after using 2.49 before) a few weeks ago. There’s been a persistent problem with the panels when I opt to arrange them horizontally: very often, the panels will get all scrambled up, with the words and check boxes overlapping onto each other and bleeding onto other rows. I got a screen cap of this phenomenon below.

Sometimes, when you shrink the scrambled panel (by hitting Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button) it goes back to normal. But usually it doesn’t.

I usually prefer the horizontal alignment for many reasons - especially with modifiers, when there are a lot of sub-options that I want to be visible. So this has been an annoying problem. Does anybody know what’s causing it and whether there’s a solution?

It is not really designed to work with horizontal panels, its just a remnant option from earlier blender versions… Ideally the option should just be removed. Pressing the keyboard Home key with your mouse over the window will reset the panels to fit correctly.
If you want horizontal panels you’ll just have to put up with it.

I don’t know why they “should” want to REDUCE the choices of the users - everybody’s got their own preferences, and more choices rather than fewer seems like a better thing, at least to me - but I’ve got my opinions and you’ve obviously got yours. Anyway, rather than reducing options, if this is a persistent bug, I’d hope that the Blender team would just choose to fix it rather than reduce the interface flexibility and user options.

Pressing the Home Key definitely works as a temporary solution. Thanks for the tip. It still starts glitching as soon as its moved again.