glm inport/export for 2.49?


I’m interested in importing models from the Jedi Knight series into Blender. Does anyone know whether there are a glm import/export scripts for Blender 2.49?

I have been doing some research on the subject. Apparently, about 4 years ago, some guys named Wudan and Tr3b made some of these scripts, but I think their download link is broken :confused:.

If anyone can give me some information, I would be very grateful.:slight_smile:

UPDATE: After some more research, I found that the XReal developers for an md3 importer/exporter updated on some of Wudan’s work in . Other than that, I have found nothing else.
a quote from 2006:

“You can’t open them as a script file, you’ll need to put them in blender’s scripts folder on my windows box it is something like Blender\blender\scripts (might need hidden folders viewable), and on my Mac it’s been necessary to put it inside the bundle. It should work otherwise but I’ve never gotten it to work. To import with textures fine you’ll want to change the GAMEDIR in to a directory like base (so that you have the in-pk3 paths after the directory, so under base you’ll have base/models etc.”