Glob Abstract HELP

I have been trying to make a semi-liquid substance kinda seep through a wireframe (Shown below) I first tried using soft body physics and quickly realised that my wireframe mesh has way to many verticies and i don’t know a work around that. As you can tell im still learning particle simulations.

For a clear example of the end goal im trying to achieve here is an artwork piece by David Brodeur which was done in Maxon Cinema 4D.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion and help you can provide. :blush:

I did something like that with Flip Fluids but you can probably do the same thing with the new Manta Flow that’s now in blender. I lost my blend file but I used a very high surface tension and maybe also some viscosity.


I remember seeing a lot of David Brodeur’s work in this series a while ago and thought it was so cool. He has a screen capture of the process for one of his creations here:

There isn’t sound, but maybe looking at his process in C4D can help understand a similar way to do this in Blender. Skipping around the video, at around 25min it looks like he might be animating the extruded faces outwards on a low poly object where each face is one of the holes. And then maybe smoothing out the buldges by subdividing. I’m not really sure though, I am not very experienced in modeling and animation.

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Thank you for the help I will be tinkering with the new simulation rather than trying with soft bodies. I’ll post the result when im done.

That’s awesome! I only found this video when i was researching his work.

Your video is even better thank you!