Global displacement coordinates on emitted particles

I have a auick question. As it says in the title I was trying to apply a displacement modifier with global texture coordinates onto an object that would then be emitted by a particle system. I know it worls with hair but it doesn’t seem to work with an emitting particle system. Is there any way around this?

think so… you could us a particle instance modifier on you particle mesh. choose the object with the particle modifier. after that use your displacement. should work.

bump. :slight_smile:

I’m using a particle system to emit an object with a displacement modifier with Texture coordinates set to global. Instanced objects don’t seem to have unique global coordinates. I’m trying to generate asteroids in space that have unique shapes. 2.82. Any ideas or alternative methods? Doesn’t have to be realistic I just don’t wanna duplicate them all. :laughing:

What’s the trick? I am looking for the same! Lots of organic cells via emitter but all the same global displacement! Please advice!

anon65932258 has already provided a working solution, see attached image