Global editing of f-curves

(Wlad) #1

An animated object / bone creates keys for all types of transformations, multiplied by three coordinates.
As a result, we have 9 graphs - XYZ Location, XYZ Rotation, XYZ Scale, which cannot be edited in the same way. Is there a way to globally edit all the keys of one common curve? Perhaps there is an appropriate Add-On?

Thanks beforehand

(stilltrying) #2

in your graph editor, click on the little magnifying glass (search text) to the left of filters, type in what you want IE scale and it will show just scale f-curves.

(Wlad) #3

Sorry, I did not ask about it
I do not need to filter them, I need to change them equally


You can change the pivot point to indiviual center to edit all selected keys in the same way.

(Wlad) #5

You can change the pivot point to indiviual center to edit all selected keys in the same way.

I leave the keyframes unchanged. I only need to change the shape of the curve with the handles. But handles can not be selected for all channels.

(Hadriscus) #6

I think with two previous answers you should get to desired result :

  1. change pivot point to individual
  2. filter “scale”
  3. select all
  4. press s


(Wlad) #7


(Wlad) #8

Nevertheless it does not work as it should! Curves can be in different (and even opposite) directions. Handles can only be moved in one common to all. This leads to a very different result. :frowning:

(Hadriscus) #9

Please explain more clearly, I don’t understand what you want to do.

(Wlad) #10

I want to change the curves of all transformations (between two key frames) as one curve. Such a method can be found in a variety of 2D animation programs, in Flash, for example. No matter what happens on this gap and how many measurements are used, I’m only interested in the time factor (Can be compared with Time remapping in After Effects)

(Wlad) #11

Even a few pathetic presets can not be applied simultaneously to all curves, they must be selected one at a time
I think such a curve editor is inoperable

(Wlad) #12

The hand grabs the burger. Movement from slow to fast. Animation - simple as that. But calculate the number of bones and multiply by the number of channels! All need to be changed synchronously.

(Hadriscus) #13

Ah, a time remap is best done in the dopesheet. See if that’s better suited for the job ?


(Wlad) #14

Naturally, I’m doing all the animation in dopesheet. But there are no keys between these frames! And they are not needed there! If all the bones are subject to the influence of one curve (or curves of the same shape)
I realized that there are no proper mechanisms in the blender. It’s amazing!

(Hadriscus) #15


  1. you are already working in the dopesheet
  2. you only want to retime two keyframes

why is the dopesheet not working for that ? Take the end knob and drag it to the left, and this should do. If you need to change the interpolation, open the graph editor and edit the handles with individual pivot. Sorry, this is still not very clear !


(Wlad) #16

Do you seriously think that this can be uniform edited throughout a reasonable time frame?

(Wlad) #17

And this is a similar graph in Flash

(Hadriscus) #18

By using individual centers and rotating keyframes, all handles will move in unison - if that is not precise enough, then I don’t know of a better solution, sorry. This custom curve in flash looks cool ! And it’s expressed in percentage of the delta between two keyframes’ values, that is clever. I don’t think there is such a thing in Blender, that would be suited for a feature proposal !


(Wlad) #19

The creators of Blender could’ve done simpler. As it is realized in Spine. A custom preset-curve is applied to the selected keys. The result is the same. I do not know how you are do without setting of easing. It’s basic in the animation. It’s a pity there was no solution. Nevertheless thank you.

(Hadriscus) #20

Honestly, I do just fine… I’m sure it’s a nice thing to have though, and you should definitely write a feature request, it might end up in Blender, who knows ! Sometimes requests are granted surprisingly quickly. You can try contacting Aligorith (Joshua Leung), he is the guy for all things animation. No promises though, he is working on grease pencil right now.