Global Game Jam Coming Up (Jan 26- 28)

Hey everyone, just wanted to spread the news to everyone who may have never heard of the Global Game Jam before.
Go check it out if you have the time and maybe want to get some more game development experience.
It will be my first time this year and I´m super exited.

Basically it´s a worldwide game jam that is hosted in pretty much every major city where you meet with other game developers in your area and form a team to make a game together in 48 hours.
I´m sure this is hella fun for any aspiring game devs here :slight_smile:

Sorry if this post is a bit of a short notice, but I hope some of you can still make it.

Thanks for sharing! : D

I was wondering when that was gonna be :slight_smile:

Our site had an even spread of UE4 / Unity3D / Blend4Web. Needless to say I hate javascript now more than ever. And only days before Godot3 came out… goddamnit lol

Btw did anyone bathe? I certainly didn’t.