Global texture coordinates


I have a building floorplan which I have imported into blender and extruded into a 3D model. I now want to map a brick texture onto the walls. It doesn’t have to be perfect - it’s just a rough effect. I can get close to what I want by selecting “UV Orco” and reducing the DefResolU in the “Curve and Surface” properties, converting to a mesh with Alt-C, adding a UV Texture to the Mesh Editing properties and then selecting UV as a my Map Input for my brick texture. This gives me a brick texture which is completely wrapped across every surface (so it’s stretched on wide walls and compressed on narrow ones).

What I would like to do is treat my brick texture as a 3D texture and have the wall texture coordinates come from world coordinates. I can’t find anything to suggest Blender supports cube textures. If I select the Global texture Map Input, what I get is correct textures when I’m looking down at flat surfaces in the Z axis, but all my walls are verical so they end up with same texel value vertically down the surface. Essentially I want to be able have U sampled from either X or Y (which I select on a face by face basis) and V from Z. Is there any way to do this?

Now that I’ve typed this I guess it’s probably about the same amount of work to adjust the texture repeat on wide and narrow walls, so maybe I’ll just do that …

BTW, I think I may have found a bug with SVG imports. If you import a large SVG file followed by a small one you end up with bits of the big one in later imports. I had a look at trying to submit a bug about this last night but searching the bug database seemed to be down at the moment.