Globe texture

I have this picture:

and i need to put this on a sphere… been a while since i’ve been on Blender, Downloaded the new 2.62 and have no idea how to UV map on it.

any tips?


It´s difficult to explain just with words. Firts step is to create a seam along the sphere’s middle ring and one from north to south poles, then you have to add a texture to the sphere´s material. You can upload your image through the UV Editor as well as through the material’s panel. Finally you unwrap the sphere and place the two islands to fit your image. If this explanation doesn´t make any sense for you, I can recommend to watch this videotutorial, wich explains the basics about.

don’t know what this map use as mapping algo ?

so not certain if you UV unwrap this what it will look like on sphere!

but show us what you get woud be interesting to see what it gives!


Thanks for the help! heres what i got so far:

having a hard time getting uv to render on sphere… any idea what im missing?

can you show the seams you did for unwraping
and which unwraping method did you use ?


I used the ‘select edges’ and selected the equator and a line going from north to south pole.

not sure what unwrap method i used, but its still a WIP. :slight_smile:

like that


yep, you also needed a line going from north to south pole to make the ends ‘split’ like they did in my last pic.
i may have forgotten to add, after selecting the equator and the line going from n to s, make them seams, then unwrap.

Congrats, Blenderscool09! You´ve got it.

but then you would have to adjust manually a lot of verts in UV map to follow the map image !


LuisEDB: Yep :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!!

RickyBlender: Pretty much, but not too much of a problem. Because the globe image has a grid system that i can try to follow to get it pretty close. And all i used to unwrap it was just Selecting Unwrap–> Unwrap

I’ll post a pic of the finished product as soon as i finish it!
Thanks For all the Help!!

Finito!! :smiley: :smiley:

nice looking

from what year or century is this map ?


this image was a remake of the orignal made in the 1530s

The map that you see was made in the 1530s, a remake of an earlier map…

ok right after christophe colomb and around Jacques cartier!

interesting how they tough the world was made !

before christophe colomb many tought that the ocean ended in space with a flat Earth !

but if you at your image it looks like there is empty space too !
don’t know if they knew the Earth was a sphere !