Glock 17 (WIP)

Would really appreciate any critique on the topology for my current WIP glock project.
Trying to go for mostly quads and not get too high poly (I have subd on at level 2 in the scrn shots).

It looks pretty good. I think I would recommend adding in a few more control loops on the middle part of the slide to help control the two loops you have all alone in the empty section, especially by the front sight. It seems like you have so many control loops on the slide going vertical and length wise but only a few going horizontal on the slide and I think that makes it a more difficult situation for the front of the slide by the two circular openings. That front slide seems to be the messiest area that might benefit from some cleaner topology.

If you added in some loops on the blue areas it might even out the front. I think I would see if you could delete a few of those loops going vertically, then add in some of those horizontal ones I indicated. Might be worth deleting those two holes and trying to put them in after you have a nice clean front that is more like an even grid.

Here’s an example of the front of the slide that I worked up. The sizes of the openings are a bit different, but you get the gist of it.