Glock 17 with internals and animated assembly/mechanics

This is a gameready 3d model of a Glock 17 featuring full internals. I also created some assets like the bulletproof vest and police badge etc. to have some nice set dressing for the final rendering.
The animations were rendered using eevee and composed in AfterEffects. The stills were rendered with Cycles and Marmoset Toolbag. Modeling/UVs were done in Blender 2.8, Texturing in Substance Painter. I hope you guys like it!


Whoa. incredible. I would have thought it’s a picture!
Why triangles? All the tuts i’ve seen for blender modeling have said to use quads.
Are triangles better in game engines?

Hey, thanks! The model is originally created in quads mostly but i always triangulate before baking the model for baking.

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Impressive work. Congrats.

Crazy effort and impressive realism.
Did you even have to create a hi poly for it?

Yeah, all those indents and grip details on the frame are baked on to the normal map. I did the detailing of the highpoly in Zbrush. Here’s a quick breakdown of the texture maps. It’s all packed on a single 4096x4096px texture map:

Very nice!

It reminds me of a similar project I did over 10 years ago with a 1911:

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I like how it’s so slow that you can see the empty cases spinning like that. Great job!

Thanks, I carefully hand keyframed the motion based on the collision with the ejector.

Of course when I was doing this, substance painter wasn’t born yet, so the materials are non-existant compared to yours. I really like the gunpowder pile also, that’s a nice touch.

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@ ChristophDesign - Game engines all “tri-strip” models (i.e. convert them to triangles) so generally you want to triangulate your meshes if there are areas where a particular shape is important. What I mean by that is if you have a model made of quads that are non-planar - slightly twisted - like on a rounded surface, you want to manually triangulate that quad so that it is true to the shape you want - otherwise you are leaving the triangulation up to the game engine, and it may divide the quad in a way where it makes the shape look jagged or blocky - so you don’t leave it up to the engine :wink:

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Beautiful work - awesome attention to detail. I have two G17’s so I have something to compare it to … and it’s pretty much perfect :slight_smile:

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Best compliment you could give. So the hundreds of refs were worth it :smiley: Big Thanks! I appreciate it.

Stunning job.

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Thanks man!