Glock 30

Hi people.

my previous WIP was a character that has this gun. I looked on Blendswap and there was a great Glock 17 but I thought I’d stay authentic and do my own - and put this on Blendswap when it’s done.

I’m trying to quad model as much as I can and clean up afterwards but any topol advice would be appreciated, hard surface modelling I find quite difficult.

Great start!

Youre off to a great start. From this point in the images you can do some fancy topology tricks to narrow down the amount of verts that I see being contained under the front portion and the notches in the back. Id route those into diamond quads and reduce that to about half so you arent babysitting unneeded loops.


just need to work on the last details and mirror differences.

@masterxeon1001- thanks for the advice, I’m getting a lot more confidence in creating loops and merging them down to just the necessary ones.

finished the modelling, I didn’t originally intend to get into this much detail but has been good exercise.

I’ve already done the writing/logo details ready for normal mapping- but I’ll do all that later when I’m texturing. I’m pooped.