Glock Modeling WIP


Edit: Tutorial Video

I started modeling this glock yesterday and decided to post my progress here.
This is what I’ve got so far.


Are the models are rigged

The model isn’t done yet. But I probably won’t rig it.

Here are more updates.

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how did you added the displacements? did you used surfsub and bevel modifier, the bevel mod first and below the surfsub?

First I baked a displacement map of a protruding cube. Then I used uv coordinates along with subsurf and the displacement modifiers.

Started the baking process with handplane baker.

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i never hurt about that program, nice that is open source!

i didnt get it much, can see show images of that protruding cube? btw check a post that left you in your mp5

I baked this mesh which is tiling to a flat plane.

Then it creates the image on the left with I use to displace the mesh.

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I’ve finished up texturing using my effect nodes from this thread.

I’m rendering out rn.


add some loose bullets around it.

and how did you add it to mesh? did you apart made a plane with a lot of subdivisions and then shrinkwrap it to the grip?

I just put a sub surf level 5 on my whole mesh and then used a displacement modifier with a vertex group. But now that I think about it shrink wrapping a separate mesh would have been mesh more polygon efficient.

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btw you will release a download for your procedural effects in the thread?