Gloomy Bathroom

Hi All
Here is my lastest personal project.

Software used: Blender 2.79 + Cycles Render + Affinity Photo
Samples : 750
Rendering time : 2 hours on my GTX950M

Hi-res image:

Hope you like it



Very nice! I love the design and the extensive use of plants!

Thanks michalzisman! :slight_smile:

Very nice images and pleasing, balanced lighting.
Great work overall!

I love color balance and light.

Can I ask u some information about lighting setup and material glass please?

Impressive work! #thumbup

Thanks a lot @SunBurn, your work inspiring me :slight_smile:

Thanks @Magogg
for lighting, i’m using Pro-lighting Skies by Blenderguru
and for Glass Shader, just using Principled BSDF


Thanks! @Taros

Im not sure how your renders are so realistic, but there amazing. Just wondering if there was any post production, and if so, what did you do to alter the render.

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Thanks @marckiener. Of Course, post-production is a must for me. This is comparation about before and after post-pro.
*sorry for my english


very nice work… I’ve been learning …

Thanks! @BarbaraKaur

Tnx so much!!!

You’re Welcome @Magogg :slight_smile:

Amazing work! Any chance you could link the .blend file? This is the kind of thing I’m struggling to get to look right.

that is one hell of a bathroom , trust me , if anyone had the chance to ,to take a bath her, it will be a forever one ,

quetion, on the grass material node , what does the is shadow ray does exactly, i know it has something to do with how shadows work on the scene, but i am not really sure what it does

Wow! This is really amazing. How did you make the material for the leaves? It looks so real.

You’re #featured! :tada:

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