Gloomy cliff

One of my very first “environmental” project. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy the mood :slight_smile:


Love it! Could be a bit brighter, or maybe add some sharpened edges in Photoshop to show the contours better :thinking: But really nice, minimalistic and with focus!

Thanks! You’re right, it’s probably too dark… but I didn’t find the right balance, when lighting it a bit more I found it lost that gloomy mood I was after. I’ll try to fix that one day :slight_smile:

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Its incredible for a first project!!

A tips, you can have images this dark, seeing a lot of the feedback is focused on making it brighter. But then you need to make up for it with lights and highlights.

Do a tutorial course on lighting, particularly rim lighting, and environmental lighting.

One idea could be to add a moon, casting highlights onto the side of the mountain.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I did add a moonlight, which underlines the cliff shape, but you’re right, I should have oriented it the other way around, so that it would make the scene a bit brighter.