Glorious Horse

Hi, I am presenting a work I did some time ago that I would share it with you. It is modeling in blender 2.5, rendered in Blender 2.49 (whit nodes) and postproduction whit Gimp.
Hope you like

Make of:

PD:sorry, my English is not very good, I’m argentine. Google translator helps me :yes:

haha I love the look on his face. great job!

Thanks. jeje i too

Great image! Though two things that I would change:

  1. blurred grass at the botton destroys the scale of the picture
  2. I think the horse should have teeth

It reminds me of the Donkey fo Shrek

Great Scene, great model, love the expression :smiley:

However :smiley:

As it is finished project, consider my C&C niggling =)

For all the nodes you used I find the compositing and postpro not too good though. blurry and oversaturated for my taste.
And the clouds really suffer from the jpeg compression which personally really distrubs me and makes me focus on that instead enjoying the image :smiley:
And I am annoyed by the lens flare ^^ since the beginning of photography and moviemaking camera men try to avoid lens flare, and yet it seems everyone puts them in his image. Why add a photorealistc element which is considered bad to an image thats obviously a toon image?
And I would have loved the horse to have a more heroic chest.

However the face and expression is grand. A character with character :smiley:

Has a cartoony/characacher quality to it. Nice.

  • Floyd