Gloss behind transparent objects?

I have 3 objects, each with a seperate material. The black object has a glossy reflection, so that the red object gets the glossy reflection. The same should go for the transparent white object, but that object does not get reflected on the black object. When the white object is on top of the black and the red object, the red object also doesn’t get the glossy reflection on the black object.

All details are in the attached picture. Everything that has been left out is default.

Can someone explain why this happens, and explain how to fix the issue?

Edit: Ashame the quality of the picture was dropped during the upload, but luckily I had already included an enhanced example in the picture.


I guess it is a bug inside the renderer, that ignores the “glossy” settings for mirror after already hitting an transparent material. It appears in Blender 2.49b as well in 2.5x

Glossy reflections/refractions behind raytraced transparency or seen in reflections has never been implemented, I think even the release logs mention that.