Glossy/plastic shaders

Hi all,
Again I try to make a kind of shader (cf picture), but I just manage to create a to much metal not glossy like that.

Anyone have clues to make this ?

Start easy - use a standard Principled BSDF, decrease the roughness until you get the amount of glossiness you want, then maybe play with the subsurface, specular, and sheen settings a bit.
A key thing to remember is that reflections need something to reflect - the image above probably has an HDRI creating the lighting, or maybe some meshes with an emission shader, or both.


this looks more like a shiny ceramic !

PBR should be able to do it !

happy bl

I’ll try this settings tonight, post the result just after.
Thanks for the help !

Absolutely more ceramic than plastic !

I go to cgbookcase or kind of website, to find PBR

see this one here

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Try this

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Hey !
Thanks for your answer, I manage to this result actually, pretty much same I think.

Node setup:


Do you have some reference of the material you’re trying to achieve ?
By judging your node setup I guess you lack the fundamental theory on materials.
I’m sure it’s possible to get the exact same result with only one Principled BSDF.

These videos are quite old, it was made before Principled BSDF into blender so you don’t need to recreate his setup into blender.
But it explain quite well the theory of shading, so you can better know what you’re doing when using the principled. Principled does everything for you ( dielectric / metallic, fresnel attenuation ect…) but it’s simpler once you know what it does internally.

Once you know what to look for in a material it’s simpler to reproduce it.
In fact, principled BSDF by default is a plastic material with medium roughness , there shoudn’t be much to change here. Except tweaking the roughness , adding a bit of SSS if needed. You don’t need to over complicate things in that case. But maybe some reference image of the material you’re looking for may point to something we may have missed !

Hope that helps ! Good luck !