Glossy Sphere

Just tested the glossy plugin, and here is my result:


That almost looks like photoshop…

Well, it’s not…!


Hmm, a sphere… Nice one.

Thanks, took about 2 hours to render, but I liked the result:yes:

I dont understand what the big box is for around the scene?

But I like the sheene effect it really is sweet, so sick of seeing chrome!

sweet work.

perhaps an explanation of the glossy plugin is in order for those who seem confused?

I know, (I wasn’t accusing you of lying) but it looks remarkably 2d. In a good way.:rolleyes:

I assume your screens are of Blender 2.45.

Check out the latest builds and you’ll see a new feature which is raytraced blurry reflections/refractions and soft shadows for all lamps.

It is just for to get a depth in the sphere, but I could of course do it more easly.
A pic of render without the box, and a with a plane and a mirrored Suzanne:


Well, I just thought that you could have meant post-proceeding, but just to make clear:
I used only blender (Blender 2.45.7) and the internal renderer.

The picture I took to show my screen is from a 245 blender, and not the *.7 version, so it was not that version I used to create the picture.

Here is a link to the glossy effect: