Glow Effect

Is it possible to achieve a glow effect in GE? Like a Glowing Lightsaber? Or a glowing Ball of plasma?

There are a few ways of faking such a thing:

  1. Put a non-light-sensitive coloured (maybe transparent) toonshade around the object. (Good for non-shperical objects.)
  2. Put a coloured light in the center of the object. (Works best with round things.)

If you look at how lightsabers are done in games like KOTOR they just use textured planes probably with what would be the add mode in blender selected. Ill make you an example if your not sure what i mean.

Is KOTOR a blender GE game???


Stupid me .))) Google rocks .)

Yeah, I saw screenshots of KOTOR and the glow looked like a plane, thats what I thought, but wasnt sure, I tried it, but im probably making the texture wrong.

here’s a little glow I made in a couple seconds in The GIMP. Just a paintbrush, and a gradient. UV that onto a plane, set it to billboard and alpha blend mode, and there you go. Unfortunately, it won’t work for a glow that surrounds objects (such as an aura around a character), because it won’t change shape, but it works fine for a lightsaber blade or the like. for a ball of plasma, make a spherical version, and set it to halo instead of billboard.