Glow node set-up with quality of being off in direct lights...

Trying to set up a glowing effect on a clock face, which is shining in the dark area of the scene, and normal texture in the light part, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to set it up. I assume it’s something with a lightpath like a yes/no query to direct shadow only “do this” … light mostly “do this”.

Any insight please?


anyone, please?

You might want to rephrase your question or - even better - provide a screenshot or so. Right now its a bit hard to understand what exactly it is you’re trying to do.

Other than that, AFAIK it is not possible to determine the amount of incoming light on the shader level.
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It’s not possible like IkariShinji said, but you can animate it. If it’s a glow though, those are not achievable through pathtracing alone (it’s a lens effect) in cycles, you need to either fake it in comp or give it an emission and have it sit in a volume.

Gotcha, thank you both for the help. I’ll post a screen shot of my concept. Thanks!