Glowing Dog's Eye Effect


I’m interested in creating a glowing eye effect to replicate what happens to animal eyes when light is shone on them in the dark.

So far I’ve applied an emissive shader and can get a nice glow. I haven’t figured out how to get the rich gradient of colour and the wet look of the eyes.

Any tips would be extremely appreciated.


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You need a material with Normal Falloff effect. First, you compare the mesh normal direction with a view direction (called Incoming in Inputs - Geometry) using Dot Product node, then you put the resulting float into Color Ramp. This material then have to be put on a flat disc inside the dog’s eye

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I have experimented with retro reflectivity in the past - take a look at these threads

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Thank you! That makes plenty sense. I am using Blender 3.0 and cannot find the Dot Product node, is it part of an add-on?

Sorry, Converter - Vector Math - choose Dot product

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Works great!

I plugged the color ramp into the emission as well just to give a sense of reflected light.

Thank you! This is a wealth of knowledge. I’m going to look into this forum and the volumetric scatter node, I’ll add my results here.