Glowing Opaque objects?

Got another question. I want the ability for the player to access a cursor that can move around the screen and select objects. When the object is selected it will have a “glow” like effect to it to show which item you have selected to interact with. How would I accomplish this? You would see the ojbect with it’s UV appearance but it would look like the whole thing was covered in see-through green paint or something like that.


add a green translucent(i think thats the right one or transparent?) object in fornt of it

translucent translucent translucent translucent… what a funny word

You should add a halo which would become visible at the correct time. Set up the face for “Add” texture rendering.

If I made a green opaque object in front of it wouldn’t it increase the amount of “stuff” in the game? I plan on doing this trick with ALOT of the objects in the game.

PlantPerson, could you give a quick rundown of how to do that or a small example .blend file? I’m still new at some of this stuff.

Thanks guys.


Here’s an idea. Use an RGB Ipo. When the item isn’t selected, the Ipo is at R=1, G=1, B=1. When it is selected, it goes to R=0.5, G=1, B=0.5. This will cause the object to turn green with the texture showing through. (I indicated 0.5 instead of 0 for R and B because 0 would make red- or blue-only parts of the image look black.)

How would I get this “event” to activate? I don’t understand mouse over stuff yet. Also, is there a way to get a controler to work instead of using a mouse and keyboard? This game is going to be for kids so it would help to have a controler they could use.


If you want speed and dont want to create another object, I would use the RGB ipo method Toomai mentioned. If you want a perfect outline of the object, either translucent or opaque, you can use this technique: create an object bigger than the object to be highlighted, color it all green, and flip the normals. I can give you a stepbystep tutorial of how to do either technique if you want.

How would I get this “event” to activate? I don’t understand mouse over stuff yet.

select the object you want to get highlighted, then, logic panel (f4), add a new sensor, make it “mouse” type, change it to “mouse over” type. I know thats how you make the sensor but ive never used mouse over so im not sure about all of it.

Also, is there a way to get a controler to work instead of using a mouse and keyboard? This game is going to be for kids so it would help to have a controler they could use.

I just updated to Blender 2.40 and I see a “joystick” type sensor. Dont remember if it was in earlier versions of blender. Anyway, ive never done it but setting up a joystick sensor should be straightforward, im looking at it now and you select from hat, axis, button, select button #, etc.

Good luck, lemme know if you need any instructions on how to do something.

Yeah hit me with a tutorial. I’m always up for learning something new.


pick your tutorial(s) mr.bayne:

1)Outlining method- a)color the object, making it darker b)color the object, making it lighter c)outline the object in an opaque or translucent outline

2)mouse over sensor

3)joystick sensor

1 b,c



If it’s not too much troubles.


No problem. Okay, right now I just have enough time to hit you with the outline tutorial, here goes. I dont know how well you can use Blender yet so I have tried to explain each step thoroughly. Click on an image to view full size.

1)First start out with your object. I chose the inevitable option for tutorials, suzanne.

2)hit [tab] key to enter edit mode. Select all with [a] key. Copy with [shift+d]. Hit [alt-s] to fatten it up by about .1 or so. The larger you scale it the thicker your outline will be. <edit: the pics show using [s] to scale instead of [alt-s] to fatten. You should almost always use fatten because it enlarges each basic shape - which results in an accurate outline>

  1. with just the larger copy selected, hit the [p] key. Select [separate selected].

4)It made it a separate object. Exit edit mode [tab], select the new object (the larger one) and enter edit mode again. Select all with [a]. Go to the editing buttons (hit [F9]) and click [flip normals] (see pic)

  1. exit edit mode and hit the [f] key to enter face mode. make sure all faces are selected by hitting [a]. Hit the [v] key to enter paint mode. In the editing panel [F9], select your green color by moving the Red and Blue sliders all the way down. Tweak this to get whatever color you want. Once you have your color and all faces are selected, hit the [Set VertCol] button (see pics for button locations.) Now you should see a solid green monkey blob (er, not a monkey, your object)

  2. Hit [f] to exit face mode and [v] to exit paint mode. HOORAY YOU HAVE A RADIOACTIVE MONKEY!!! (or whatever object you are using)

This is an ingenious technique and I love using it. However, I didnt invent it myself, so I have to give credit where it is due. I learned of it from the skategirl demo on the Blender website (anyone remember those old demos? werent they great!)

<edit: no this sux use new snazzy GLSL shaders instead >

Hehe, that’s the oldschool way to make edgeshading games :smiley:
Lol that was so popular 2 years ago. As much people ask now how to use the game engine, those much people around that time where asking how to do shell and edgeshading to make cool cartoon effect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that is an awesome trick and easy. Thanks!