Glowing outline

hay all,

Is there any way of making a glowing outline in GE? :spin:

Like this (Made in Photoshop):

Yes there is! But you need to double the mesh. You need to duplicate your mesh, scale it up a bit give it an UV texture, check “Add” and “Light” and “twoside” inside the Uv Texture panel.

There is an example inside this .blend file :wink: Hope it helps.


SimpleGlowOutline.blend (34.7 KB)

I asked pretty much teh same question and got a very useful .blend, its in this thread:
it does it through nodes rather than the duplicate and reserve trick.

uhm, doesn’t work in GE does it?

it works for me, you need glsl though

Ow, btw… I was talking about the 2nd post from Duo Oratar.

It works in the GE for me

Whats Glsl and how do i get it?

GLSL (in Blender) is a special game-rendering mode. To use it you need a modern video card. You may have the capability already. Drop down the game menu and click on Blender GLSL Materials, and see if it works for you.