GLSL combat flight game (dead) blend now included

this is a dead project for many reasons… the blend file is now posed hope it helps someone! (there are many problems with this that prevent me from moving on… i have made many improvements based on the comments and feed back so thanks guys!!! anyways here is the link)

oh and as a side note… the clouds are a first attempt i made at making realistic looking clouds… i fail… i have a new demo that i will release soon in the game resources section of the forum so keep an eye out if your into clouds!

i dont know if i am going to make this into a full game project but it started as an idea and i wanted to test some stuff out like the clouds and smoke… this is far from perfect and it has many issues but give me some feed back!

youtube link –



but a plane don’t have that much smoke in its reactor, in fact it don’t have any.

keep blendering.

well it was not made to originally be a plane but more of some kind of space craft based on the f 22 raptor. i just thought the smoke would fit nice because i had a hard time making a jet flame (actually i just didn’t feel like it) any way thanx

Oh yea! I’ve seen this on youtube! It’s related to one of my vids :stuck_out_tongue:

Water shader is amazing. The only think I suggest is the smoke gets annoying when it gets into the camera. It blind you for a split second. Other than that - awesome

ever played H.A.W.X.:eyebrowlift:?
thats really nice, but you might use some more normalmaps. the water is great. but something like a HUD could be useful.

More normal maps? Why?

I do agree with the hud though.

i was working on a hud and like i said this is far from perfect and it is not finished… i have an issue with the light scattering interacting with an overlay scene so… yea

Looks great!

looking good

Wow, that looks awesome! Love the water!

One thing I noticed is how fast the missiles move- as far as I know, missiles don’t usually move a whole lot faster than jets (okay, maybe around twice as fast at combat speed? that’s about what I’ve seen used in most games/movies. Don’t know how well that reflects reality) but slower missiles really help with tension, either waiting to see them explode on a stationary target or wondering if they’ll hit that moving one.
Also, for some reason I feel like adding a bit of corkscrew on their movement would fit this game very well. Don’t ask me why.

Looks good, I’m interested to see where this goes.

ill work on the missiles when i get a chance… im away on vacation right now so when i get home ill continue to work on it… i will be making several improvements to the smoke and the speed of the jet and missiles (i have been playing a lot of ace combat 5 on the ps2 over my trip so i have been studying how it is done and i have some new ideas i would like to try) also the overall amount of light in the game will be slightly turned down because i think it is just a little too bright now that i look at it… anyway thanks for the input everyone!!!

blend file now included… this is a dead project