GLSL display of toon material

Greetings all, and happy new year!

I accidentally got my toon shader to display in the 3d view, and I am not sure how. I have never really understood how the display modes and such work, and have not found any good documentation on it.
Now what I cant figure out is why the skin displays, but the clothes dont. The skin is a texture on the material, so I duplicated the material with the plus sign next to the name, changed the texture to a different one and lost the effect.
I dont know if I am using the toon shader right either, but I dont see why it works with one texture and no others. (I tried a few…)

Your viewport is set to textured view. I assume your viewports are set to display in GLSL. This displays the toon shading.

As for your prolem with the clothes… hard to say, I’d need to look at the blend.
If you can’t or woun’t post it with the content, make suzanne’s (the monkey) with the various materials on it and post it up.

I guess you got no reply (as you hinted in the other thread) because people can just guess various things… it’s easier to track down the problem having the .blend.

I cant reproduce the effect on suzanne or other models in either the freestyle build I am using or my trunk 2.63.
I am beginning to suspect that I will need a few million monkeys on a few million computers before I will see this effect again.

Normally I am very clever, but I have been drinking and working on this for a loooong time, between other projects, and dont really recall what I have done.
I have also noticed very strange behaviour, such as when I duplicate the textures (which I believe are packed) a modified version that I didnt save is produced instead of the one displayed.

char2021 EXP (2).blend (1.91 MB)

Im also not sure if I attached the .blend properly… but here goes.

Attaching stuff will eat away your quota in the forum unnecessarily.
Best place to upload and link a blend is

As you’re using a freestyle build, you could simply encounter a bug. Hard to test.
If I got too much time at my hand I’ll take a look. I don’t use freestyle. :wink: