GLSL Fire demo


This is simple, but highly customizable fire flame shader. Same textures and tweaked values in code can be used for candle light, to even wide range fires.

GLSL_flames.blend (273 KB)

Wowiee Wow Zowwie

GASP Martinsh! You’re demo scene’s on fire!!

btw awesome shader you got there!

Looks good. Works great on my Mac. Good job Martinsh.

very cool indeed, works without problems

nice and clever solution :slight_smile:


very, very, very awesome, but would you be able to make it physical, i put a plane right through the middle of the big one but it went right through, but very nice anyway. the fact that its never the same twice is awesome.

Super sexy!

Even worked on my crappy ATI drivers. :open_mouth: Now let’s see it spread slowly across surfaces… :smiley:


Very nice.

Now let’s see it spread slowly across surfaces… :smiley:

Yeah, would be nice.
I have such a file, with slow spreading fire, but slow, because of the 2 fps you get :wink:

Would be interesting to see a economical approach


martinsh = GOD! :spin:

very cool, and useful in the BGE! thanks for sharing

Very nice job! This will come in handy!

are you gonna ever stop doing stuff like that ?

this is great ! I hope someone come up with a game using all these features.


thank you i will use it

very nice…thanks for sharing martinsh…

That is amazing work.

Thank you so much! I implemented it, with a tweak for smoke, in my “wet road” demo (

Awesome work!

Can this be used in a render?