GLSL Lon Lon house walkaround. Use 2.49.

Note: If you can’t find the download link, go to the bottom and look for the tiny link that says “click here”. Sorry, couldn’t use megaupload for some reason.

Use Blender 2.49.

Just a house from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

very, very cool :smiley: there’s one thing that didn’t seem to work, though - the textures for the wall of the house :frowning: maybe it’s my GFX card, maybe it was something in the *.blend, I don’t know… everything else was great :smiley:

…now all it needs is a dozen or so Cuccos :wink: lol, just kidding

Oh, you have to have a GLSL compatible card. Your intel chip doesn’t support that.

Pretty cool modeling. :slight_smile: I just saw the picture yet though.

Cool, but the scale is all out, the objects should be much larger, the lanterns for example look tiny on the walls. See the room in OoT for reference, its much smaller feeling and the objects are probubly more than double the size of the ones in yours.

Actually I belive that the OOT scale is disproportionate. I measured the scale of the house according to the scale of Link as a child(about 1-1.5 meters, I think), and drew from there. I then edited the collision box of the player character to be the right size of an average adult, according to the door. The door is probibly off, but I don’t think by much. I then made everything according to the size of the player character.

Notice how the steps are the right size? And how in OOT you have to jump onto the first step? The carpenters who made the staircase aren’t very good. Hehehe.

Looks very nice. Only one small problem, when I try to play it in 2.49 my blender crashers, in 2.55 I can’t move… But I looked at it and it’s looks sweet

In the screenshot, the lanterns do seem really small. However, the textures and graphics look nice (perhaps you could use a few more polygons on the hay mound). Good work, though.

Awwww, I can’t play it. :frowning: GLSL kills my computer. Looks very nice though!

very nice. i love going to lon lon ranch just to hear the music.

Very nice i must say. One question i have though is what makes the room look distorted with the mouselook? It seemed as though the camera had beer goggles.

very nice job