GLSL optimization source code

I’m following Aras_P on twitter ever since I commented on the unity site about using Google NaCl. The very next day I got a tweet from aras saying that they done so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of course it was just coincident , … but unity was showcasing on google I/O a unity player written in NaCL running in chrome w/o browser plugin.

anywho, I noticed his github project that might be of interest to any interface programmer of blender.

GLSL optimizer: - makes some of our simple (!) shaders run 12x (!!) faster on one platform. I’m excited. It’s awesome!

what is that google i/o ? are you talking about a 3d web plug-in?

I think it may be the native code api for the browser, lets you run compiled programs through your browser instead of using an interpreted language like javascript.

Think we’re both too lazy to google it to find out for sure though…

google I/O is that google convention, where they showcase new stuf.

that guy is working on a 3d suite/web browser plugin, and game platform. Check out unity3d, it can import .blend files for it’s game assets.

buuuut, given that, they work on optimizing the GLSL shader render, and it’s a open source project at github. maybe a dev doing code for the 3d viewport can use it…

Actually, now that I clicked on the link, this could be useful since the GLSL shaders are precompiled and exported to bytecode (or maybe just exported to bytecode), they could be run through this before they are piped into a .c file to be compiled into blender proper.

Maybe save a few cycles here and there.