GLSL Smoke Problem 2.49

I am Having a problem with a large black spot in my smoke. Their are a few 3d custom filters enabled but how could that mess it up.

If there’s no material assigned, the object can pose a problem with 2D filters - make sure that there’s a material on your smoke object.

Their is a material assigned

As always, upload a blend.

The Blend is way to large because it has the rest of the game on it to.

But i could Try

It Wont Work

upload to and attach the link on here

I mean to say upload the object itself, not the whole level. Just make a new blend with the one troublesome object.

Sorry for the delay but I will up load a .blend file tomorrow.

Hear is the smoke .blend

Hallsmoke.blend (1.75 MB)

Please respond

I need someone better than my self to look at the file because i cannot figure it out.

I found the problem it is with the 2d filters, but how can i still have 2d filters without this crappy smoke render.

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