GLSL woes, please help

Can any one tell me why these two objects with the same material and texture have different render results?

The section on the left displays the texture while the section on the right does not. Is it possible that because I created the section on the right on a computer without GLSL that it makes it incompatible with my GLSL computer? Is there a way to fix this? The .blend

What’s the mapping for the texture? It should probably be UV for your purposes. Make sure to unwrap / have a UV map that’s sized logically (not absurdly large or small) for the texture to display correctly.

I am using generated mapping on both objects, I didn’t think UV maps were “required”. It looks fine in the viewport but not when I start the engine. I can’t figure it out and its annoying the crap out of me.

well, maybe you can start to unwrap things to make everything more predictable.

uhh, in the build of blender i use, the generate mode not work, try use tangent or UV. Sorry english.

PD: you not packed the textures and you need to use the compress option when you save the file(file weighs heavily).

As I recall, Generated mapping mode doesn’t work 100% reliably. It has to do with the object’s scale, I believe. Ensure the object’s scale is correct (1, 1, 1), but otherwise, go with UV mapping unless you NEED Generated mapping, as it’s more reliable.

Thanks for the help everyone, I figured out what was wrong. It turns out that it was nothing. The object on the right had been scaled up 5000 times and in doing so, scaled the texture up so much it looked like a solid color. I reset the texture size and voila, everything works.