gm200 and cycles (nvidia gtx980ti and titan x)

Hi everybody, i’m currently trying to build a new graphic workstation, and i’m having troubles with graphic card choice (as usual^^)
i was on my way to have a gtx 980ti (6gb vram, like to be a titan x slightly cut) but i read some staff about a bad “compatibility” of the gpu with maxwell gm200 architecture (sorry if the terms aren’t correct, i’m not great at computer science)
like in this bug report
seems to be a great deal however when you read the gtx980 ti specs
does anyone have some experience to share about that ? owns a 980 ti ?
i also heard the problem is about sss and “experimental render mode”, is that correct ?

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oups sorry for posting on the bad discussion ! my bad

I own a 980ti, great card. Works just as well as any other Nvidia card in Blender. BMW2 benchmark is done in around 52 seconds to a minute.
I think sss is in experimental mode, but don’t feel bad about that, it’s pretty slow on all GPUs atm.

It’s a better deal than a Titan.

Wait, is that right? GTX 980 Ti does worse than reported times of a GTX 580…? (The card I have)

So much for hoping to upgrade to a much better card this year, haha.