GMan in "Gravity" short

Hey, Im working on a short lipsync of the new john mayer song Gravity.
Gman is a little character i made up recently, and modeled rigged blabla over the last couple of days. Gman stands for Gravity Man(hence the song). Its a simple, chessy concept, but i have some good things planned for him…
anyway, back to this.
I finally started animation for this song today, and heres a quick cut of the intro(no lip sync yet) its got music title…Its by no means what will end up in the final but…

i sort of hate posting these sorts of wip, cuz it ruins the eventual product for you, but I dont want to waste my time on a project to have everyone just go
“yeah…well that sucked”

so, thanks for checking this out c&c welcome
peace out

Ive been working on the actual lip sync, its rendering right now.
I ll be adding some general pix of GMan to see wut people think…
thx peace out

K, Here are a couple of views…

Once again, C&C welcome, not gettin much action here, anyone interested?
Anyway peace

you mind posting the animation on another site like youtube? for some reason the animation wont play. The character looks pretty good.

Alright, since putfile wasnt working, heres my file again, this time in download form(sorry, cant do youtube thanks to absolutley insane parental controls)

that should work, if not…tell me.

thanks for checking this out, c&C welcome

Here are the first few seconds of LipSync. I finished them ast night, didnt get to rendering them till today. Youll notice little pixels playing around the edges of Gman, forgive this, it turns out a couple of my render settings were screwed up.

 I think it turned out <i>pretty</i> good.  Be happy to here wut everyone else thinks.  If it sux, tell me.  If not, likewise. Thanks again for all c&c, and for taking the time to look at this

Peace out

Wow, that looks awsome. :slight_smile: Keep it up, that kind of animation is rare around here. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Ive been with blender for a year. CG in general for 1.5 years.

Just saw the videos, thats class. Keep it up and I shall have it on my hard drive eventually.

Nice smooth animaiton, Good model too.

I wish I had tips to give you but as you saw I dont lol

Alright, Ive made a short movement reel for GMan. Mostly because it was a break from LipSync(if i do any one thing for too long I lose interest)
So, here it is…

After the render got done, I got back to work on the lip sync, the next render will be done by tommorrow, if not late tonight.

As usual, all c&c welcome, and wanted. Any tips, wutever also welcome. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback
peace out

The Next section of Lip Sync is rendering now. Ive found some ways to optimiz my render times. It should be done in a few hours…Its about 250 frames( almsot twice as long as the last)

Alright, the render is finally done…so here it is

As usual, all c&C welcome. Cant wait to here wut you think
peace out

.avi doesn’t play.

exotic codec?

tried quicktime and VLC. OS X 10.4.8

Alright, here is all the lipsync up to this point in Qtime, hope it works out


I like it, some nice work.

Some of the animation seems a little jumpy though.

How do you get the lip sync so well, do you just use trial and error or do you have another method?

I suppose that, without a back ground, some of you have been wondering what the fluttering arms are about exactly…
well, GMan is actually falling thru the air(to keep with lines in the song like, “Gravity is working against me”). The punch line of this short will be predictable, but ill milk it for all its worth…

Ill be posting a little background on the GMan character in my next WIP, which should be soon seein as this shouldnt take much longer(With such a low bpm rate, im not lipsyncing the entire song…expect a sudden stop :wink:

So…this is just a little note,

Actually, the secret to my lip sync is just …well yeah, something like trial and error. Plus, i keep in mind that im trying to lip sync a human. I try to get the right head and eyebrow cues to sell every word. And its not like i dont know wut it looks like, you know. We see humans everyday.
As far as techniclities go ive got about 15 shapekeys for the face.

Some parts toward the end have a jumpy look(thats what i get for trying to animate a falling person boogiein to the groove) Thanks for all the comments, the next sectionshould be done by later tonight

the quicktime version worked.

some crits -

  • i think you need a fill light on his legs. against the dark background, i found it very difficult to make out what his legs were doing. although, i think i see a sky reflection in his googles, so i’m guessing the black background will be replaced
  • i like the face acting and the lip sync, but there is one part where he opens his eyes, but i’m not sure why. can you show what he is thinking there?
  • as his body moves from side to side, should the movement be more lilting, and less abrubt?

anyway, i think this is good work. these are just some minor points.

I tried to work on the light a bit in this next render(which ill be posting within the hour).
As for the eyes, i just felt like opening them for a second…he felt kind of…dead with his eyes closed the whole time.
And yeah, at one point, the movement is way too abrupt, i was shooting fo it to look loike he was doing a little 0 gravity jig…that was a failure.

Anyway, thanks for the crits, helps me get better.
the next render will be done soon

Alright, heres the next little bit of animation, with…scrolling sky